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Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Whats wrong with me today !

Here is a list of my ailments today in no particular order.


Abbesses in nasty places.

Duotone hearing with a very load roaring sound in my left ear, essentially every one and everything sounds like its been though one of those children's sound changers that makes everything seem a bit like its been spoken like a Dalek  , plus a jet engine on full blast in my left ear.

Severe and constant Pins and needles from my toes up to my knees

Minor deafness in my right ear

Sharp back pain in my lower back and hip.


Mouth pain

Broken teeth that will cost over £30,000 to fix, money I dont have.

Apart from that Im fine honest !

If this is the end, Id like to say it was nice knowing you but chances are I dont, know you that is.

France the final decision

We are not moving to france.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ethical Dentist where are you ?

Let me tell you about my teeth.. please leave now if you have a dental phobia.

All but one molar is missing, I have 15 teeth remaining two urgently need proper re-crowning.

 Most of the missing molars have the roots still embedded in the jaw they have bulbous roots and could not be removed by the dentists who broke the now missing teeth. Dentists have repeatedly caused more trouble than saved teeth.

The last quote I had to fix the issues was astronomic and then they quit and decided they could not do the job at all.

If you are a dentist, who is ethical, professional, can cope with a dental phobia  and dont want one of my kidneys to fix my mouth please get in contact, apparently Im not suitable for dentures, I have tried two sets and they just cause more trouble. Im 55 ( Jan 2013) please post a comment if you can help, all comments are moderated!

Ps this is not a picture of me

This is though

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Looking for property in france

So: Im looking at property in France:

And French estate agents seem to think that English people are stupid .

I looked at and found that all property up for sale needs a survey to say if the septic tank is compliant.

If a property is for sale and does  not have this survey, it can be classed as uninhabitable and cannot be sold. 

If another French estate agent tells me this property, probably does need a septic tank, then I may just punch them when I see them, its either does or does not and if its had a survey then they will know and if they don't, they should not be in buisness.. you know who you are !

And also if you are selling property in France to English people you need to understand English, not just guess at it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Come the revolution

Come the revolution , (on its way soon)

 Currency traders  and loan traders ( Euro )
Will be put against the wall and shot

You have been warned